Sample Condoling letter to a friend on the death of his father

My dear Ram,

I am deeply grieved to hear of the sad news of the sad demise of your respected father. My family joins me to mourn the death of your dear Papa who was a source of continual inspiration and guidance not only to you but also to me. It was he who advised me to join Business Management Course, the full credit of my being the Manager of this reputed firm goes to your father. How would I have liked to continue to be benefited from his wise guidance.

Yours loss is really immense and I do not know how to express myself on such an occasion. His untimely death has left your family rudderless. May God give peace to the departed soul and strength to you to perform your duties and responsibilities.

Dear Ravi, I know your father has left you one sister to be married. I am always there by your side. I shall feel lucky to be of any help to you. Please do not hesitate in telling me your worries and difficulties.


With deepest sympathy,

Yours sincerely,


Sample of a Touching Condolence Keepsake


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