Sample congratulation letter on being elected to the Parliament

My dear Rohit,

Please accept our heartfelt felicitations on the eve of your election to the Malaysian Parliament. The voters were judicious enough to have elected you, a man whose career smacks of hard labor. You represent a self-made life. It is a saga of adventurism. You deserved this honor.

May the Almighty Father bestow on you’re the requisite measure of talent of meet with the cumber-some job and its requirements!

With best compliments,


Yours sincerely,

Reply to the above

My dear Ramesh,

I felt overwhelmed with the spate of excitement and an inner sensation of joy when I received the congratulatory messages from friends like you.


You know I am an ordinary and humble fellow. I shall work with faith in God and the dignity of man.

I am thankful to you for the kind message that you have sent me.

Yours sincerely,

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