Sample enquiry letter for sending quotation

Dear Sirs

Please send us your quotations for the following:

  1. Items 1 : _______________________________
  2. Items 2 : _______________________________
  3. Items 3 : _______________________________
  4. Items 4 : _______________________________
  5. Items 5 : _______________________________
  6. Items 6 : _______________________________
  7. Items 7 : _______________________________
  8. Items 8 : _______________________________
  9. Items 9 : _______________________________
  10. Items 10 : ______________________________

The above are required for part of an indent and will have to compete the Japan-made article, but, as a good quality is the essential point, we rely upon you to offer good value in order to secure future business in this direction. As a guide we give you the price limits for each article, Rs. ________________________/- for the coats and pants and we expect you to offer us a range of goods which you can do regularly, and in the same quality exactly for repeat orders.

The goods would be delivered free to our Indore packers for enclosure, Please put us on your very best term as regards discount.


Thanking you,

Yours truly


Welcome to

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