Sample formal letter to a friend abroad

This is a sample formal letter to a friend abroad.

Dear ………………(friend name),

The festival of lights is on the twenty-fifth. That is the day when crackers burst and rockets soar. Do you remember the last Diwali we celebrate together? It was four years back. It is one of the happiest days in my memory. I wish I were with you during this Diwali.

………………(younger sister) who cried for crackers that day, is now grown up. She is five feet four inches now! ………………(another friend name) has left this place. He is now in ………………(city).


You too, are in a distant country, in Nigeria, far away from home. Oh, how will it be like to celebrate Diwali in Nigeria! You must write and let me know.

I still remember how the rockets we fired pierced the window pane of Mr. Malhotra’s house. Instead of being angry, he was so thrilled. He gave us sweets. Your brother threw lighted crackers at passes by, which, to their delight, burst in mid air. We spent the whole night bursting crackers!

Both of us are grown-ups now. We may not be able to celebrate Diwali with the same delight. But the memory is sweet.

Our neighborhood has changed much since you left. The park in front of our flat is now full of beautiful flowers and trees. The street beyond the park has been widened. The nullah has been covered. Mr. Malhotra and his family went to Canada two months back. They are planning to settle there.


You are celebrating Diwali in a far away country, a country which is strange to me; among people of different cultures and customs. I wish a happy Diwali to you, your sister Anju and your parents. Let it be as merry as the one we celebrate together last.

It is six months since I received your letter. Please write more frequently. I would like to hear about you, your sister and your parents often.

Yours affectionately


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