Sample format for inviting quotations for supply of materials

INVITING QUOTATIONS _________________(Organization/Industry/Company Name)


Quotation notice

Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of _____________(items) up to ________(time) On ____________(date) which will be opened on the same day at _____________(time) Before intending quotationers.


Sl. no Items Quantity

1. Supply of __________________________(materials,items, and etc )


1. The rates should be quoted F.O.R. Sales Tax, as applicable, should be quoted separately.


2. The quantities are only approximate.

3. The completion period of delivery shall be ________________ weeks from the date of supply order.

4. The offer is opened for a period of ——————- months only.

5. The Quotationers, whose quotations are accepted, will be required to deposit _——% security of the value of supplies in the prescribed forms.




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