Sample friendly Letter to your friend after a long time telling him the importance of computer


My dear ________________,

Last time I have received your letter, some 2 years before on  ___________________. It’s a long time we haven’t communicated with one another.  Anyhow, from your parents I came to learn that you are not taking active interest in computers. Friend, when the world is changing at the speed of thought and computer technology is acting as a catalyst for these changes, why are you keeping yourself away from computers.

Well my dear, computer is one of the greatest inventions of modern science. Its application has brought immense benefits to the people. It has replaced the use of type writer machine. All records and data’s and various information can be kept in its memory. Now a day it is used in bank. Industries hospital and laboratories computer have found its important places.


It can do the jobs of millions in few seconds. In telephone, Railways, Airlines, Electric office the use of computer is a common affair. Young people are streaming towards computer education for employment and surest provision. In schools and colleges there is a cry for computer education also. Large scale computerization in Europe and West has brought a through change in everyday life. We cannot afford to neglect its utility if we see progress and scientific development however. In a country like India where unemployment is a severe problem application of computer should be made in phases and limited bases.

I shall be happy if you write to me about your thoughtful opinion on the issue in question.

With best wishes, yours sincerely,
Your Nick Name

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