Sample Friendly letter to your old friend

My dear Name,

Thank you very much for your letter of the ______________________________ You asked me in your letter to write to you about the most tragic incident that occurred in the Big Bazaar fair .

The Big Bazaar fair was inaugurated by our honorable M.P ___________________ . Publishers from all over India including West Bengal and Foreign countries participated in the fair. The book fair was organized by ______________publishers gild. Prominent poets, Novelists, Singers and literary persons attended the fair everyday. Even seminars were organized on modern and important topic. About 450 stalls participated in the fair. Besides there were mini stalls for little magazines. Unfortunately the fair caught fire from a food stall and within half an hour most of the Book Stalls were gutted into ashes.

Fire Bridge failed to extinguish fire; consequently books valuing 150 corers were burnt into ashes. An Enquiry Committee has been set up to find out the reasons that caused the tragic incident. The Government came forward with all possible assistance and the Book Fair has been rebuilt on the ashes a now. The organizers have decided that no food stall be allowed to function inside the fair and precautionary measures have been taken to save the fair further from tragedies. The fair, considering all aspects has been extended up to ___________________. I assume you would share the grief of stall owners and publishers who have greatly suffered in the sad incident. As an eyewitness my experience is beyond description. I shall be happy to get your reaction on the issue.


Thanking you…

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


Your Name

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