Sample government official letter format


The secretary to the Government of India,


Subject: Grant of land to the landless _________________.



The Government of India have decided to take over all the surplus lands in the country from big landlords in accordance with the law of the land. Under the Land Ceiling Act the maximum holding has been defined. The copies of the Act were sent to be State government long black.

It has been therefore decided that the lists of tenants in the villages be completed before the __________________and submitted to the office. Furthermore, the surplus area under the State Governments and that which has been taken over by the States may please be categorized soon. The Central Government has decided that every landless family should be granted 4 acres of surplus land provided the members of the family do not exceed four and if it is more than four, then a maximum of two and a half acres of land be granted to the landless tenants in the villages. The proprietary rights should be conferred on them without any charge whatsoever, except however, miscellaneous charges of Rs. ____________________per acre.

Bear in mind that the land to be allotted should be categorized within the stipulated time limit and the transfer of land should be effected within one year of such categorized of land.


We are well aware of the fact that the task is stupendous, yet we feel that this has got to be accomplished within the shortest space of time. The Government has taken these steps keeping in view the penury-stricken condition of the people in rural areas.

We are sure that the work will be expedited in right earnest and a report will be sent to this office occasionally depicting the progress made within a fortnight at least. We suggest the seizure of land due compensation should be determined at the current rates so that the landlords may not suffer. The Government does not want, in any way, to jeopardize the interests of the landlords nor that of the poor peasantry.

Yours faithfully,

Xtek Partners and the Government

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