Sample Introduction Letter

My dear (name),

The bearer of this letter, Mr. S Kumar, is the son of my friend Mr. Ranjan. He is coming to Allahabad in connection with P.C.S. competitive examination which is scheduled to commence on 30th December, arid will last for a fortnight. As he had no arrangements of his own to stay at Allahabad. I suggested to him to stay with you for this period. Mr. Shiv Kumar is a fine young man with sober habits with a special characteristic of being able to adjust in any situation. I am sure you will like Mr. Shiv Kumar and will be able to arrange for some suitable accommodation for him for this short period. Any other assistance you render him will be deemed a personal favour to me.

I am glad enough to hear that the books written by you are becoming increasingly popular. The other day, while strolling along the road in the bazar I happened to see attractive title cover of a book. Not being able to resist myself I went to the bookshop and asked the bookseller what that book was about. Without mentioning the subject of the book the bookseller put the book out on the counter. I was delighted to see that the book had been written by you. I was told that it was the book on bank recruitment tests which had out-done others. You deserve hearty congratulations on this happy success.

Mamata remembers her uncle and auntie very much.


Yours as ever,


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Reply to above (Introduction Letter):

My dear (name)


Your letter was received through Mr. Shiv Kumar. Sorry I could not write to you earlier. Mr. Shiv Kumar has been living with me since 29th December. Four days hence his examinations will be over. I found Mr. Shiv Kumar really a fine boy. His jovial temperament and his knack of playing with children and making them laugh has endeared him to all of us so much that sometime. It wonder that he is not my own son. We have got mixed so much that it would pain all of us when he leaves Allahabad for home four days hence. I wish the boy every success in the examination. I am thankful to you also that you introduced such a fine man to me.

As to my books you have referred to in your letter, it is all by God’s grace. The only thing that I can claim is that I have put in hard labour and have spared no pains to make it as useful and broad-based as possible. Thank you very much for your hearty congratulations on my humble success.

It is long since I saw you. I very much crave for being with you for sometime. Our deep past associations make me nostalgic and wish time had not moved. Would you find time to visit us in near future ? It would indeed be nice if you visit Allahabad on the occasion of the Kumbh fair which is going to be held in the month of February itself. Please arrange to come alongwith Bhabhiji and kids. So please do come.

Rest is O.K. My love to Mamta and namaskar to Bhabhiji.


Yours sincerely,


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