Sample invitation letter to a friend inviting him to your place

My dear (name),

I received your letter a fortnight back but I could not reply you earlier as I had to go out of Mumbai in connection with marriage ceremony of my cousin. I returned to _______________ (palace) only last evening.

I know your country Japan is a very nice place. It has numerous places of cultural interest and scenic beauty, India, you may be aware, is also very rich in art, culture, historical places and monuments and has a large number of places of scenic beauty.

Your interest in such things had become known to me from your letters received by me from time to time. You have been evincing keen interest in the cultural heritage and the historical monuments of India. In order to satisfy your curiosity and to know and see things for yourself, I would invite you to visit India. In so far as _______________ (palace) is concerned, you will be my guest, while at other places, reasonable boarding and lodging can be arranged through different sources, including the Department of Tourism, Government of India. This Department has published a large number of pamphlets describing with pictures the various places of tourist interest as well as the places to stay.


I can accompany you to a few places nearby _______________ (palace). At a couple of places, I have my contacts and relations where boarding and lodging will be available to both of us as a matter of courtesy and without incurring any expenses. You can make a few purchases, particularly of handicraft, from certain places in India. I would advise you to bring your camera to take snaps of the places that may be fascinating to you. I have a camera of my own but it may not be as good as yours.

I hope, you will make up your mind to pay a visit to India as early as may be convenient to you. I would love to hear from you and with my best wishes to all at your end.

Yours sincerely


Invitation Etiquette | Lisa Mirza Grotts

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