Sample invitation letter to your friend asking him to be a part of summer vacation with you

My dear (Name)

I hope this letter finds you in the best of your health. You have not written me for a long time. I think you must be very busy with your examinations. How have you done your papers? Do you expect to stand first in your college as usual? Please do let me know everything in detail.

I am writing this letter to invite you to Patiala during the summer vacation. You must be doing nothing particular these days, I suppose. Then why not spend a few happy days here with us all! My parents will also be very happy to see you in their midst.

What do you think we shall do when you come here? No dear friend, I have chalked out a nice programme of sight seeing and picnics during your short stay with us. We shall visit many places of our interest. The weather is fine these days. We shall utilize some time by going to a nearby swimming pool.


You will be happy to know my brother Ravi, has been employed as an writer in Yahoo. Some days, we shall accompany him to the Yahoo campus  and go round the different departments. Oh, friend. What a pleasure it would be for both of us. Do come here as soon as possible. Do not disappoint me. Your company will be a boon to us all in these hot and sultry days. May I hope, you will start packing up immediately as soon as you receive this letter? Please let me know by which train you are coming. I shall receive you at the Air Port.

Please convey my sincere regards to your parents and love to Montu and Santu.

Waiting your arrival,


Yours sincerely


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