Sample job application letter for lecturer

Sample job application letter for lecturer.


The Director,

Institute Name,



Dear Sir,

I wish to introduce myself as an intelligent young man with a degree of M. Com but without a job. I approach you with the request to absorb me in your college as a lecture.

I give below my qualifications.


I have good academic career. I obtained first class in both high school and intermediates. In B. Com. I had math as one of the subjects.

I passed M.Com. From University Name with a high second division, about one and half years ago.

I have not been able to get a good job so far, although taught at a private coaching center for one year. I also give home tuitions to a few students.

I have an aptitude for teaching. I can teach mathematics up to graduation level, and economics and commerce up to secondary level.


Apart from this, I can teach reasoning and teaching aptitude to students appearing in competitive examinations.

I hope that you will give me a chance to serve you.

I assure you that if given a chance, I will try to do my best to satisfy you with hard work and intelligence.

Yours faithfully,

……………………………… (Name)


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