Sample Job Application Letter for the Post of a Lady Clerk


The Manager

Company Name



Subject:- Advertisement for the Post of a ‘Lady Counter Clerk’

Dear Sir,

With reference to your advertisement in yesterday’s “Newspaper Name” on the subject cited above, I wish to offer my services as one of the candidates for the same. Full particulars regarding my age, qualifications, etc. are given below:

I have passed B.A. Examination from ………………………(College / University Name) this year and have secured first class, getting 70% marks in English.


I have got good command over written and spoken Hindi and English and I also know French.

I come from a very respectable Punjabi family.

My present age is 21 and I have got pleasing personality. I attach herewith my latest photograph.

I shall be glad to start my career with any reasonable salary you may deem fit.


Should you please call me for an interview, I shall be glad to give you any further information which you may require.

Yours faithfully,


What Does an Office Assistant Do? (with pictures)

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