Sample job application letter for the Post of a Storekeeper

This is a sample job application letter for the Post of a Storekeeper.

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Store Name


Dear Sir,


In response to your advertisement in “Newspaper” of today, I offer my services for the post of ‘ ‘Storekeeper Trainee”. My qualifications are as below:

I have passed the B.Com. Examination of …………………(university name) with high Second Class.

I am at present 22 years of age and have got sound physique and active habits.

I was one among the Cricket Eleven in my College team and a very good player of hockey.


I belong to a very respectable Hindu family of …………………(city name) and can give you very good references. I am enclosing copies of testimo­nials, which certify my diligence and honesty.

I beg to assure you that I shall do my utmost to please you with my hard and honest work. I am confident that after one year’s training I shall win your faith of being given the chance of a regular ‘Storekeeper ‘ in your organization.

Hoping to receive a favorable reply.

Yours faithfully,


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