Sample Job application letter for the post of a teacher

Sample Job application letter for the post of a teacher. Here is a sample cover letter for the post of a school teacher.

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The Principal

Dear Sir,


Having come to know that there are a few vacancies of school teachers in your Scholl, I want to offer my services for one of the same.

As regards my qualifications and experience I beg to lay down as follows:

(i) I passed my B.A. Examinations of the _________________University in __________ (year) and got a first class. In B.A. Intermediate and Matriculation Examination of the same University I was the topper.

(ii) I got the Diploma in teaching from the same University. In B.Ed. I secured 78%.


(iii) That teaching is the most coveted profession for me. I have been teaching in private schools for long. I can give my best in this profession.

(iv) My father was a teacher he the instilled in me the spirit of social service. Hence I take delight in teaching the students who are to become future citizens of our country.

(v) I am a young man of 24 years, possessing an excellent physique and a sound moral character.

(vi) In view of the above facts, I request that I may please be given a chance to serve in your institution. I may assure you that I’ll spare no pains in the satisfactory discharge of my duties.


Yours faithfully,

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