Sample job application letter for the post of field sales supervisor

Sample job application letter for the post of field sales supervisor.


The General Manager

Company Name



Sub: – Application for the post of field sales supervisor


Having come to know form a reliable source that a post of a field sales supervisor is laying vacant reputed company, I offer myself as a candidate for the job. I admire the great progress made by your esteemed company in the manufacture of species, Masala and pickles. You have made a name for yourself not only in India but also around the world.


As regards my qualifications, I submit that I am a graduate from University Name, Address, securing 56% marks. I have been in the sales promotion filed for the last five years. I have good command over English and Hindi. Besides, I can speak and understand many north-west-regional languages like Marathi, Gujurati, Rajasthani and Paunjabi.

I have extensively travelled through north and west India and, therefore, know well the people of the regions.

At present I have been working as a sales supervisor with Company Name for the last two years. But as future prospects in that firm are not in commensurate with my experience and qualifications, I am constrained to find a job somewhere else.

I assure that if I am given the job of the sales supervisor in your company, I can contribute my bit in boosting production and sales both.


Awaiting for your reply,

Yours faithfully,


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