Sample job application letter for the post of Hindi teacher

Sample job application letter for the post of Hindi teacher.

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Advertisement: Wanted a trained Post Graduate Teacher in Hindi at usual Government grades. Candidates with experience will be preferred. Write with full details to the Principal, School Name, Address.



The Principal,

School Name


Sub: – Applications for Post Graduate Teacher in Hindi



Your advertisement in “Newspaper” for the Post Graduate Teacher in Hindi.

With reference to the above, I give my particulars below:-

I am a young lady of 24 years.


I passed my higher secondary examination from School Name, Address, securing 80 percent marks with distinctions in English, Hindi and Mathematics in ……………(year). I did my B.A. (Hons.) from University Name with Hindi as the main subject securing 57% marks. I passed B. Ed from University Name, Address, in ……………(year) and was placed in the first division both in theory and practical examinations.

During my school and college life I took regular part in games like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, and Table Tennis. I also took part in other plays and music and have won a number of certificates.

I look forward to work for young children as I genuinely enjoy. Working with them.

I have two year’s teaching experience as a PGT teacher in School Name

I enclose copies of my testimonial for your kind consideration.

Hope you will consider my application.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

……………………………………… (Name).

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