Sample job application letter for the post of junior electrical engineer


The General Manager,

Company Name



Sub: – Application for the post of Junior Electrical Engineer


Your company is a leader in producing electronic goods in the whole country and is a well reputed one. I have come to know through a reliable source that you are planning recruiting a few electrical engineers. So; I request you to kindly consider me as one of the candidates for the said jobs. I give below details about me.

I am a graduate with a diploma in electrical engineer from ITI, Institute Name. The duration of my diploma course was three years. I have been working with Company Name. for the last five years and possess enough background in electronics, which render me quite suitable for the position. I wish to resign my present post as there is almost no scope for promotion.


I am a young man of 24 years. I have a good health and like to take a challenging task. Your company is well reputed and will provide me a chance to promote career. I think it would be mutually beneficial to both if I switch over to your reputed company.

The salary matter can be discussed by us at the time of interview.

I enclosed attested copies of my certificate and testimonials for your consideration. Originals, if required, shall be produced at the time of interview.

I hope you will give me a chance to serve your company.


Yours faithfully,


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