Sample letter from father to his daughter who is away

Dear ……………………(name),

Your last letter was very interesting to read. It seems you have the talent for writing. Try to develop it. It’s heartening that you have got the first prize in the dance competition. Dance disciplines one’s mind and body. It also helps girls develop an attractive personality. Along with your studies, you should pursue dance and music.

You want me to suggest some books for reading. I used to read a lot of books once. But now, I don’t get enough time.

You know I like poetry best. To understand the beauty of any language, one should read its poetry. Try to read as many poems as possible, learn them by heart. Recite them whenever you get time and think of the meaning of each word separately and then the meaning of each stanza and then of the whole poem. You will thus learn the secret of good writing. I believe you will become a great writer one day. Read books like Gulliver’s Travels, Alice in Wonderland, Robinson Crusoe, Don Quixote and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Animal Farm by George Orwell may also interest you.


You should read stories from our epics and puranas. It is very important. The roots of our culture lie in these great stories. You should read the Panchatantra also.

Your teachers may also suggest you some more books. You can find such books as I have mentioned in your library.

I am sending you a pair of silver anklets for winning the first prize in dancing.

Please write to me if you need anything.


Yours affectionately,


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