Sample Letter from father to principal asking for fee concession for his son

Dear Sir,

My son S Kumar is studying in class XI in your college. He is an intelligent and diligent boy and has always shown bright record in every examination. He passed the High School Examination in 1st division with distinction in two subjects. I am a man of meager means drawing salary of Rs. 6000/- per month and having the burden of education of three other children. I find it hard to meet the minimum household expenses. I am, therefore, not in a position to pay the college fee for my son. Would you be kind enough to grant him full concession in fee? I shall remain highly obliged to you for this.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Order Sons of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge Incorporated - Scholarships

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Reply to above fee concession letter from the Principal

Dear Sir,

With reference to you application dated dd/mm/yy regarding grant of fee concession to your son studying in XI in our college, I have the pleasure to inform you that your request has been accepted by the management of the college and S Kumar has been grant full concession in fee with effect from July.

Yours faithfully



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