Sample letter from father to principal on the half-yearly exam, report of his son

Dear Sir,

While going through the half-yearly exam, report of my son Sunil. I gather that he is not paying sufficient attention to his studies. He has not been able to secure even the pass marks in the three of the subjects. In the remaining two subjects he is just above 40%. He has however done well in games, which makes it clear that he is devoting greater part of his time and attention to games.

Games, undoubtedly, are essential for keeping one fit, especially for children. I know too that boys have to devote a little more time to games this time of the year when District and Regional Sports rallies take place. But games cannot take the place of studies. I hope you share my point of view. I would, therefore, request you to direct your teachers concerned to impress upon the boy and need to devote more time to studies. Children while at school obey their teachers more readily than they do their parents. Sunil is intelligent and obedient enough to heed the advice of his teachers. I for one am not in favour of engaging private tuition for it blunts self-reliance in a student. I would also try to see that my son devotes more time to studies than to games. Would you be kind enough to take some personal interest in the matter?

Wouldn’t it be convenient for you to arrange for extra classes for boys who have lagged behind in studies for some reason or the other, particularly for taking part in national sports on behalf of the college ? Hope to hear from you soon.


Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Your Name

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