Sample letter from Uncle to Niece

Dear …………………(Name),

The other day I received your letter expressing doubts as to whether you should choose journalism as career. Well, I would advise you to think thoroughly before you opt for such a challenging profession.

A newspaperman’s job is not always cushy. It is an unending search for truth. One has to have respect for truth and a sense of mission. It is often, an endless waiting, in front of doors, that refuse to open and tireless pursuit after tips that, quite often lead to nothing.

Don’t be misled by the glamour or lured by the honor which comes as sequel. It is dedicated years of service and hard work that finally makes a good journalist.


Moreover, only an objective presentation of facts gains credibility. If at all you have any bias, it is only good that you suppress it. Because, a good journalist is like and educator; he is one who moulds public opinion. He should have only the good and welfare of the people in his mind. He should have maturity in his thoughts, words and deeds and not resort to sensationalism.

You have to process a good command of language and a flair for writing. You should be well informed and often be a generalist. Genuine interest also counts a lot. In other words, you should have ‘a nose for news and feel for words’. Above all, a good journalist should adhere strictly to the ethics of the profession.

A basic qualification is absolutely not what matter. I know you have the qualities that go the making of a good journalist. Yet, you have to strive hard. Nowadays it has become highly competitive also. If you feel you can value truth and fight against all odds to defend truth. It is worth considering. It is a noble profession.

Anyhow, decide for yourself. I shall help you in giving guidelines. Think it over and let me know your decision.


Your,s loving Uncle


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