Sample Letter of Appointment

Sample Letter of Appointment.

Company Name


Ref ………………………





Dear Sir,


With further reference to your interview with our Mr. ………………………………, we have pleasure in offering you the post of a Steno typist on the following terms and conditions.

You will be entitled to draw an initial salary of Rs. 6172 in the pay scale of Rs. 3723 plus usual allowances as permissible under the Company’s rules.

2. Your appointment at the first place is for 6 months but if the work is found satisfactory, you will be taken on the permanent roll of the Company.

3. During the period of first 6 months your services can be estimated at a notice of one day and likewise you may also give us one day’s notice if you want to leave us. After confirmation of your service either party will have the right to do so at one month’s notice.


4. You will be entitled to contribute to our Provident Fund at the rate of 8 1/3% of your basic pay to which the Company shall also contribute an equal share. The liability of the Company’s share of contribution will arise only if you complete a minimum service of 3 years. Besides total contribution, you will also be entitled to interest at the prevailing bank rate, from time to time.

5. You will be entitled to bonus as declared by the Company from time to time (for the last five years a the month’s basic pay has been given every year as bonus to each clerical hand).

6. You will be entitled to 10 days’ casual leave and 28 days’ earned leave in a year.

7. Your appointment will be subject to being declared fit by the Senior Medical Officer of this Company.

8. If you accept the offer on the above on the above terms and conditions, you may intimate us by return of post and resume your duties at our above address before ………………(date)

You may purchase a Second Class railway ticket for which the amount will be reimbursed by the Company.

Yours faithfully,


Managing Director

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