Sample Letter on the Death of the Mother of a Friend

My dear Sunil,

Your letter conveying the sad news about the death of your mother has just been delivered to me. Mother is the closest of a friend, the best guide and philosopher. Her place cannot be taken by anybody else in this world. I well imagine the immensity of your loss and do not know how to express myself on such an occasion. Your mother was always so kind to me when I visited your house that I forget that she was your mother not mine. Her passing away has grieved me much.

Her sweet smile and inspiring mien still comes before my mind and it is hard to believe that she is no more now.

Dear Sunil, Bacon’s saying that “it is natural to die as to be born” is perfectly correct, yet how would I like her to live more till you got settled fully in life. But none can alter the course of nature and the immutable laws of God. The best way to suffer the loss and to bear it is to continue working in life for ideals she cherished and endeavour to be what she wished you to be.


Your loss is great, yet none can question the judgment Almighty. It is given only to human beings to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Please take heart to bear this grievous loss.

I hope time would soon heal the wound inflicted on you by Destiny. It is our prayer to God to give peace to the departed soul and solace and consolation to all of you.

Yours sincerely,



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