Sample letter requesting extension of delivery period

Dear Sirs

We are extremely sorry to have to ask for an extension of time in the execution of your Order No. ______________, dated _______________ .  The recent strike of the woolen operatives completely disorganized our Business for a time. As you know, perhaps, work has been resumed, ad we are making strenuous effort to fulfill our contracts. But we are paid that in spite of our best efforts it will not be possible for us to effect delivery on _______________ (last date) as arranged.

We are, however, confident that we will be able to effect delivery on _______________________ (extension date) and hope that this course will meet with your approval. We assure you that all orders will be handled in strict rotation and we shall do our best to expedite delivery. We hope you will realize that the delay was due to circumstances beyond our control and we shall very much appreciate you allowing us this additional time.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

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