Sample letter to a friend about vacation in countryside

This is a sample letter to a friend about vacation in countryside.

Dear ……………………(name),

How are you? I hope you are fine! You must be roaming around the countryside watching butterflies, birds and flowers, I believe! You ought to be a poet, Arvind.

By the way, why can’t you spend this vacation with me at my country-home? Our village is full of hillocks and lagoons. You used to ask me numerous questions about the natural beauty of Kerala. Here is a chance to come and see it. I have a friend named Radhu. I was telling him about you and your love for nature. Radhu is a student of Botany and he knows a lot about plants and flowers. He is a sort of ornithologist too. He would like to meet you. My parents and brothers are all interested in you. They asked me to invite you to Kerala. If you have time enough, we can travel to the other parts of our State. I have already told you a lot about our State.


The greenery of Kerala is awaiting you. I believe you won’t miss this chance. I got a letter from Binny last week. He is coming to Chennai this week to visit his uncle. He will be there for ten days. Then he will come to my village. If you are coming, please come with Binny. Please write to me as soon as you receive this letter. Convey my regards to your parents.

Yours affectionately,


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