Sample letter to a friend who is on vacation

This is a sample letter to a friend who is on vacation.

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Dear ……………………(name),

Our sports club was inaugurated by the Minister of Sports yesterday evening. The function was very colorful! We wished you were here also.


We won last week’s cricket match against Honeybee Sports Club. I knew you would be the happiest person to know about it. Now that our club has started functioning, we will be taking part in more and more competitions.

Harish returned from Kashmir yesterday. He had a wonderful time with his uncle’s family there. He had a lot of things to tell. You can hear it directly from him when you are here. He is eagerly awaiting your arrival. He has captured the beauty of Kashmir in his camera.

Beautiful flowers have blossomed in our neighbourhood. Harish says it is just like Shalimar Gardens. We took a few photographs. While posting for the photograph, Kishore fell and we have a funny photograph of him with both his leg in the air, one of his arms twisted beneath and the other hand holding the branch of a tree. He really looks like a little monkey in it.

You must be having a wonderful time too. Hope you have not forgotten your friends, have you? Don’t forget to take a few snaps of the beautiful landscape. I know that you are very happy in the company of your lovely cousins. Do convey my regards to them. All your friends here are looking forward to seeing you. With best wishes.


Cordially yours,


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