Sample letter to a newspaper editor on social issues

Sample letter to a newspaper editor on social issues.


The Editor,

Newspaper Name



Hardly a day passes, when one doesn’t read about a young woman taking her life because of constant harassment by her in-laws, or of a newly married young girl, being to death by her greedy husband in connivance with his parents.

However, the cause of refusal to give dowry and calling off of the marriage have also taken place in ………………. This should certainly be looked upon as an example to be emulated by all girls. It is often heard that dowry is considered routine and acceptable. The girl’s parents try to fulfill the demanded so that, their daughter would be at peace at her in-laws place. However, the demands gradually rise to a level, when her parents are often on the verge of bankruptcy. In the mean time, the girl is physically and mentally tortured.

The government has also introduced legislation, to prevent this practice and has made it an offence, punishable by law. If demanding dowry is considered a crime, so should give dowry. Boys should come forward and refuse to accept dowry and girls should refuse to give in to the demands.


Media can play a very important role in combating this social evil. The various media such as press, television and radio can through advertisement and, through famous and popular personalities, protest against the give and take of dowry.

Of course, a social revolution would be needed to completely eradicate this evil from our society. A small beginning by these girls would certainly influence more girls to do the same.

Yours faithfully,

………………………… (name)

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