Sample letter to a pen-friend

Dear Mr. Smith (Your Pen Friend Name),

On my return from Mumbai this morning. I found your letter on my table. As the name and address of the writer were scribbled illegibly on the envelope I could not make out from whom this letter was, although, of course, British postal stamps were pasted on the envelope. But then, I have many more pen-friends in Britain itself, and one from your own country itself.

My joy knew no bounds on adding one more friend in the list of my pen-friends. I have already got twenty pen-friends, a majority of them from Britain, a few from the U.S.A. and others from Canada. Unfortunately, for reasons of language obstacle I could not make pen-friends in Russia, though I very much wanted to. But your proposal to be pen-friends has given me special joy.

On reading the contents of your letter I was overjoyed. Your personal traits, your likes and dislikes, your favourite games and sports are very much like mine. How happy is the coincidence that we happen to be of the same age, i.e., running 21st year. I now wish I had been introduced to you much “earlier than today.


How delighted I feel to find enclosed with your letter a list of your favourite books and your proposal to send a few of them to me. Many thanks for your proposal. Please write whether you know Hindi or not ? I may send you Hindi translations of some of our Sanskrit classics whose value transcends space and time.

The photographs and stamps you have sent are really excellent and I remain very thankful to you for the same. I am sending some photographs of some historical places of India as also one of the best paintings of mine and I hope you will appreciate them.

Please write to me as often as you can.

With best wishes,


Yours sincerely,

Your Name

I believe that everyone should have a pen pal (with images ...

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