Sample letter to Police station reporting a theft in your locality






I beg to report a theft in the house of my neighbor, name __________, who is away on tour.

The other day when I came back from school, I found the door of the house wide open. I thought my neighbor had come and, therefore, did not pay any attention to it. I went into my house, placed my books on the table and took rest for a while. All of a sudden I felt I should go to the neighbour’s house and exchange my greetings with him.

To my horror, I found that all the things in the house were lying scattered. The almirah and boxes had been ransacked. It was clear that the thieves had broken open the locks and carried away all that they could lay hands on.

I shall now request you to pay a visit to the house and conduct an inquiry into the theft. In the meantime, I am sending message to my neighbor to come immediately and ascertain the extent of loss.


I am sure you will take personal interest and initiate quick action in the matter.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


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