Sample letter to the Traffic department regarding traffic jam in your locality

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The In-charge Office,
(Traffic Department)

Sub (Heavy traffic jam in our locality)

Dear Sir,


We often, read, almost every day read in the newspapers about traffic jam in ________________(your locality name)during the peak hours, both in the morning and evening. It causes great inconvenience to passengers of buses, trams, motor cars and taxis and also to the pedestrians. I had a sad personal experience the other day. I had to go to _______________ (place 1)with mother by the _____________________(place 2) which leaves________________(station name) at ___________(time). I started from home at about ______________(time). It takes less than half an hour to reach the station in a taxi. This was to avoid traffic jam. To my great misfortune there was a traffic jam near the Howrah Bridge approach. We had to wait for more than an hour when the jam was cleared. There was hardly ten minutes time for the departure of the train. Imagine in what a hurry we had to reach the platform with our luggage. We had purchased our tickets with reservation of seats the day before, Otherwise we would have to miss the train.

Now, is there any way to prevent the jam? The police have a duty to stop this. This jam causes great inconvenience to office-goers also, who cannot reach office in time or miss the train in the evening while returning home from office.

Sir, I like to draw the your attention to stop this traffic jam to alleviate the suffering of the people.


Yours faithfully,
Your Name

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