Sample Letter to the traffic police department regarding reckless driving by some drivers of motor buses and lorries



Sub (Reckless driving by some drivers of motor buses and lorries)

Dear Sir,


Every day we hear of accidents caused by reckless driving of motor buses and Lorries. In most cases the accidents become fatal. Many people have to go out on business every day. Until they return home, they cannot say for certain that they would not meet with such accidents. Really some drivers drive their buses and Lorries very recklessly at great speed through the crowded streets. Every moment there is a chance of causing an accident. Due to their carelessness innocent persons lose their lives. Guilty persons are fined or sentenced to imprisonment. But the loss cannot be repaid. In spite of precautions being taken by the passers-by, such accidents happen.

The danger is not only to the pedestrians. Sometimes the buses and Lorries collide with other buses, Lorries or motor cars. The people inside the buses, motor cars or Lorries are sometimes severely injured. The buses, Lorries and motor cars are damaged, causing great loss to their owner. So such reckless driving must be checked. The drivers must not exceed the speed limit. They must always be alert. The law should provide for exemplary punishment for causing death by reckless driving. If the drivers be careful while driving, such accidents may occur very rarely. I like to draw the kind attention to adopt measures to check such rush driving.

Yours faithfully,
Your Name

Traffic – Lebanon Police Department

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