Sample letter to voters by a candidate for election.

Dear voter,

I have great pleasure to inform you that members of the Welfare Association have selected me as a candidate for the ensuing election to the Municipal Corporation. I am well acquainted with you us Secretary of the welfare Association of __________for the last five years. So I solicit your support to vote for me in the forthcoming election.

You know I have dedicated myself to the service of the people of __________. I spare no pains to do everything possible for me for the good of the people of _________as regards their need as a resident of _______________. I have ample time to engage me fully in the service of the municipality which is not possible for extremely busy candidates. Being a local inhabitant I am well acquainted with the local problem. If elected, I will try my best to solve these problems.

The Welfare Association is a social organization. Its sole aim is to serve people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. So I have decided to seek election as an independent candidate. My symbol in the ballot paper in an umbrella. So I request you to stamp on this symbol against my name in the ballot paper and elect your own candidate.


Your sincerely,


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