Sample letter to your best friend telling him about your railway journey

My dear Name,

I told you that I you give you an account of my journey to Gaya and Varanasi. I reached here last night. Today I have made time to write a few words about my journey to Gaya.

My father preferred to travel by the Jammu-Tawi Express. It left Sealdah at 11.55 a.m. So I had an opportunity to see many things by day.

We had reserved seats in the second class, so we had not to suffer any difficulty for the rush of passengers. The Jammu-Tawi Express runs via the Grand Chord line. This was my first journey by this route.


The train first stopped at Dakshineswar. It run along the Howrah-Burdwan were nothing new to me. But after Burdwan the train ran through an important industrial area of West Bengal. I saw many factories and workshops at Durgapur. I thought how quickly a village grew into an important industrial town. Here we have one of the four steel plants erected by the Government of India. After Durgapur the train passed through the coal belt of West Bengal. Ondal, Raniganj and Asansol are situated in this area. We saw many collieries. People of Calcutta are accustomed to see green fields. But the soil is quite different as we pass on through Durgapur.

At Sitarampore the train left the main line and ran alone the Grand Chord line. I watched with interest the objects that lay on the way. The most noticeable things are the hills. The sight of the hills filled my heart with joy. This region is also rich with coal deposits. Hence we saw many coal mines and factories as we passed Barakar, Kulti and Kumardhubi. In the afternoon we reached Dhanbad.

Here are situated the fuel Research institute, school of mines and applied Geology. The Fertilizer Corporation of India is also situated at Sindri near Dhanbad. For all these reason Dhanbad has got great importance. Soon we reached Gomoh an important junction station. We read of Paresnath Hill our geography book. As we pass Gomoh, we had a distant view of the hill on the right. We reached Paresnath station in the evening. The hill seemed not far from this station. I have a mind to climb the top of this hill once. I have heard there are several hundred steps leading to the top. There is a Jian temple on the top.

Darkness gradually began to settle all sides. So I could not have any distinct view of the things that that lay on our way. Our train stopped at two important stations before we reached Gaya. These are Hazaribagh Road station and Kodarma station. The dry climate of these places is good for health. Many people go to Hazaribagh which is good health resort. They have to get down at Hazaribagh road station. At 9 p.m. we reached Gaya. It is a big junction station.


We got down at Gaya. I was very hungry. In the platform I had a cup of warm milk and some sweetmeats. We engaged two ekkas and reached Bharat Sevasram Sangha. Here we shall put up for three days. Afterwards we shall to go Varanasi. I shall tell you something about my journey to Varanasi to Gaya when I shall reach there.

With best wishes and love to you,

Yours Sincerely,




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