Sample letter to your best friend

My Dear (Name)

My examination is over and I think I’ve done all my papers fairly well. The question papers in almost every subject were not very difficult, but I will write here particularly about the General English paper.

You know English has never been my strong point and I was rather worried about the English papers. The first paper of English relates to the prescribed text-books and it is always possible to hand it successfully if one has read books with care and attention. But the paper on General English is often a hard nut to crack. This time, however, I have done a lot of composition work including letters and essays on various subjects. Fortunately one of the subjects of the letter in the question paper was advice to a younger brother, who had been neglecting his studies I had already written a letter on this subject and imagine with that joy and enthusiasm I reproduced that letter in the answer book I hope to get at least 60% marks in that question.

The topics for essays were four, viz (i) Your favorite leader; (ii) The visit of a distinguished visitor to your school; (iii) The most important event in your school career; (iv) The value of books in life. I had attempted subjects nos. (i) and (ii) at home and took me some time to choose one of these two. At last decided to write about my favorite hobby which as you know, is gardening. I think I wrote a fairly satisfactory essay on that subject.


The translation pieces were rather difficult and there was no choice I have not done part of the paper of my satisfaction. The grammar and other questions carried only 10 marks. I think I have not done well in analysis and parsing but I have not been satisfied with the sentences I framed for illustrating the meaning and use of idiomatic phrases.

Altogether the General English paper did not turn out to be too bad. I hope to secure about 65% marks at least, and this is more than I expected. How about your performance in the examination? I hope it has been excellent. In your University the standard of English is very high and you must score very high marks in this subject. Please do write all about your examination.

With best wishes,


Your sincerely,


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