Sample letter to your friend after a long time telling him about your college election

My Dear (Name),

I am just in receipt of your letter, I am glad to know you have been elected a member of the mock parliament of your college union. Hearty congratulations. I wish you well in this new role in your college career.

Let me tell you the most thrilling and exciting election of our college union which took place last Monday.

For the fist time in the history of our college a large number of parties contested the union election. Formerly, there were only two parties : ‘Democrats’ by _______________ and ‘Republicans’, captained by __________________. But this year, their were six parties that contested the election.


Weeks before the election, preparations were made with feverish activities and great zeal. Election manifesto of each party, was printed on posters and distributed in the form of leaflets. Meetings were held in the colleges almost everyday. A lot of excitement prevailed all round the college buildings, and the atmosphere was charged with great curiosity. Every student tried to guess about the success of this or that candidate. Every student took an active part in the elections.

On the election day, the sight was worth-seeing. Crowds of students rushed about in great hurry. They attempted to catch the largest possible number of votes for their representative candidates. Last minute attempts were made to net in the key-figures by fair or foul methods. Extravagant promises were made to the ring leaders for ministerial posts in the mock cabinet. Oh how very exciting.

Our principal was the Chief Election Officer, and the Electoral Tribunal consisted of _______________________and ______________________. The polling was quite peaceful, except one or two minor incidents, in which rotten tomatoes and eggs were thrown on a few candidates.

The result was announced the same evening. You will be surprised to know that majority of the seats were bagged by the newly formed Radical Party.


Write me soon.

Yours sincerely



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