Sample letter to your teacher about education policy

This is a sample letter to your teacher about education policy.

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My dear …………………………(teacher name),

You have influenced my thought and behavior considerably. As a teacher, you have always guided me in the right direction.


Many learned persons are talking about the new education policy. I would like to know what you have to say on this. I have read a few articles in newspapers on it.

The new policy as I understand, aims at encouraging the study of science and technology, promoting a spirit of cooperation and inculcating positive values.

Its basic components are: universalization of elementary education, non-formal education, adult education, open schools, model schools and vocational education and equality of sexes.

One of the salient features of the new education policy is the delinking of jobs from degrees.


All this sounds good, Sir. But I can’t understand what the new education policy would mean unless the methods of teaching and that of evaluation of a student’s ability are changed. What kind of examinations would we have under the new policy? Nowadays, students learn something to pass examinations. When passing of examinations becomes unnecessary to get a job, students would stop learning, wouldn’t they? Further, things like the spirit of cooperation need a change in one’s attitude. This needs discipline. How can this be imparted without a change in the present teaching method?

True, it is not always the talented and intelligent that score high marks in examinations. Our examinations test the memory power of a student rather than his intelligence. But how is this delinking going to benefit the talented students? I find I very difficult to understand.

As you have always done, please explain to me what this entire means and how. Are we going to benefit by the new education policy? I discussed with my father about all these. He has also his doubts about the benefits of the New Education Policy.

How are you spending your holidays, Sir? Are all your children with you? I hope you are fine. I am eagerly waiting for the school to reopen.


With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,


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