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Dear ……………………… (Your GF Name)

Last evening was indeed more than a fun; it was rather heavenly; thank you very much for being with me. I haven’t ever enjoyed a date so much. I can’t express in words, how much I want to be always with you; in your sweet company, just listening your sweet voice and your unarticulated talks, full of innocence. I can’t imagine that one can ever find a girl like you, so generous and kind hearted.


Today morning, you were in my dreams, wearing the same dress that you wore on our first date and asking me some question that I don’t remember now. You were looking very beautiful, just like a fairy.

What are you doing tomorrow evening? A new English movie is running at PVR. It is reportedly a very romantic movie, full of love-tragedy. Would you mind accompanying me? I would arrange two balcony tickets for tomorrow’s evening show. We shall first watch the movie and then have dinner together. Will you reach the theatre yourself or should I pick you up from your office, tell me? I’ll call you tonight, around eight.

Rest is fine. See you tomorrow.

Yours sincerely


Your Name

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