Sample Permission letter to the factory manager


The General Manager,

Dear Sir,

We the following four students of the Town School, __________________(place name), have come to visit ______________________(visit place name) during the Christmas holidays. We have gone round the town. We have climbed the hill top in the town. We have also visited ____________(place of visit). But the main object of our visit is to see the ________________(factory name). We are students of technology. It will be very interesting to us if we can see with our eyes how an engine is built. We want to see how the different parts are built and how these are assembled and how the complete engine comes out of the factory. We have got with us a letter from our Headmaster to you testifying to the fact that we are bonafide students of technology of his school and we are desirous of visiting the workshops. The letter is enclosed herewith.


We, therefore, pray that you will be kind enough to grant us permission to visit the permission to visit the workshops. We further pray that you will kindly provide us with a guide so that he may explain to us everything that we need for the clear understanding of the different stages of the building of an engine. We shall be much obliged if the permission is granted.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully


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