Sample personal Letter to your friend telling him about your Puja Vacation

Sample personal Letter to your friend telling him about your Puja Vacation

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My dear Name,

I returned from Varanasi yesterday. You wanted to know how I spent the days there. So I would like to tell you something to satisfy your curiosity.


Our school closed for the Puja vacation on the 29th September last. It was previously arranged that my parents would go to Gaya and Varanasi and my sister and I would accompany them. We started on the 30th September for Gaya by the Jammu-Tawi Express. It left sealdah at 11.55 a.m. and reached Gaya at about 9 p.m. We put up at Bharat Sevasram Sangha. Next morning my father offered pindas to my dead grandfather and grandmother on the bank of the river Falgu. This famous river is almost dried up. We saw there many temples.

In the afternoon we climbed two dills, named Akasganga and Brahmayoni. The next day we went to Buddha Gaya and saw the site of the Bodhi Tree. Here Lord Buddha found the means of the salvation of mankind. We then saw a great temple. Inside it is the golden statue of Lord Buddha. We spent three days at Gaya. It is a very ancient town and a famous place of pilgrimage to the Hindus.

On the morning of the 4th day we left Gaya by the Doon Express for Varanasi and reached there at about noon. We put up in a house at Dasaswamedh Ghat very near the Ganga. In Varanasi we visited the famous temple of Vishwanath and Annapuruna and a host of other temples. It may be said that Varanasi is a city of temples. We hired a boat and had several pleasant trips on the boson of the Ganga. Innumerable temples and bathing ghats may be seen from the boat. Next we visited Sarnath. We saw there the temples dedicated to Lord Buddha. We gad also seen the relics which are excavated. We saw the famous stupa of Sarnath. A picture of this may be found in our history books. We also saw a museum. Next we visited the Hindu University.

The University area is itself a small town. There is a splendid temple of Viswanath inside the University campus. It is an object worth seeing. Many visitors come to see it. Next day, wehired a station wagon and visited Vindhachal. On our way back we saw the famous Chunar Fort and the place at Ramnagar. Varanasi looked very nice when we were crossing the bridge over the Ganga.


In Varanasi we bathed in the Ganga every day and had a darsan of Viswanath and Annapurna. I liked this place very much. Many objects are worth seeing here. Besides, vagetables, fish, meat, and sweetmeats are cheaper here. As the examination will be held shortly after the Puja vacation, we could spend only ten days in Varanasi. I did not touch my books here, though I had some with me. We spent the time in eating, visiting temples and other things of interest every day. With a happy heart I left Varanasi with my parents and sister and reached Calcutta only yesterday.

With best wishes and love to you,

Yours sincerely,


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