Sample reply letter format to an angry customer

Dear Sirs,

We are in receipt of your communication dated _____________________ . With regard to the two samples of handloom cloth sent to you earlier. It is indeed surprising that while our handloom cloth has fetched big market all over the country bearing the same printing patterns, you have rejected these samples. We fear that the Handloom Board, another supplier, has misguided you about the quality of the goods. We would ask you to ascertain from other impartial sources the competitive quality and price of the Handloom cloth.

However, we are sending to you far superior handloom cloth with radiant printing patterns at highly competitive prices allowing you a discount of ____________% instead of ____________ % that we allow to the dealers. We are sure you will like these qualitative goods and place early orders for their supply. Furthermore, the case of the two samples should be reconsidered keeping in view our contentions in this behalf.

We are sending our Agent along with all the other varieties of handloom cloth. We have instructed him to give you entire satisfaction with regard to the goods. Please discuss the matter with him.

Yours faithfully,

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