Sample reply letter from Nephew to his Uncle

Dear Uncle

Your prayers have indeed been successful, I have found a job of very artistic qualities as it necessitates printing flowers and other decorations on saris. The work is interesting and I love it. Income is also good and better than I could earn as a graduate.

Sari-printing is not the kind of work for which my education qualifies me, because it has nothing to do with my graduation and typing on which I spent more than a dozen years; but the work is quite satisfactory and up to my taste. I must say that my education has been a waste of time so far my earning capacity is concerned. I have wasted good fourteen years of life in school and college. It has been a waste of time, money and energy.

It is good to get a small technical job in a factory or workshop than hunting for the post of a clerk from pillar to post.


Yours truly


Bright Bold Dear Uncle~Purple Daisies~Gold Leaf~Art Nouveau~Emboss ...

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