Sample reply letter from sister to her brother

Dear (Brother Name),

Amritsar, is an all-absorbing city. Nobody can bother about Delhi at _______________. Delhi is not much bothering about this place in any case. We are here closer to Lahore than to Delhi and Pakistan Television is a favorite entertainment here. We can see of something happening in that country on the social and political plane.

Puppy is now married and so cut off from the mainstream of family forum. His wife is all-in-all to him. Why young boys are sold to their wives? I don’t understand. Marriage should not uproot the family tree, but unfortunately many families are broken and uprooted that way. ________________ (younger sister) and ______________(younger brother) are doing fine and we three have the best of our time at home and in the Golden Temple. Of course, I go there now and then. To go there everyday is difficult. To go there twice a day will be simply impossible. It will be boring.

We can have too much of even the best thing and they are likely to wreck our nerves. Gustave Flaubert, the great writer, however, agrees with you. He says, “Fanaticism is faith, the essence of active faith, the faith that works miracles. Religion is a relative conception, a thing invented by man, an idea, in sum; the other is a feeling. What has changed on earth is a dogma, the stories of Vishnu, Ormuzd Jupiter, Jesus Christ. But what has never changed is the amulet, the sacred springs the votive offerings, etc., the brahmins, the santons, the hermits, in a word, the belief in something superior to life and the need to put one’s self under the protection of this force.” With love to every body at home.


Yours sincerely


Oh Brother Avicii

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