Sample reply letter to your customer in response to his request for quotation

In reply to your enquiry of the __________________ (date and reference number), we are pleased to quote as follows:

  • Items 1 : _______________________________
  • Items 2 : _______________________________
  • Items 3 : _______________________________
  • Items 4 : _______________________________
  • Items 5 : _______________________________
  • Items 6 : _______________________________
  • Items 7 : _______________________________
  • Items 8 : _______________________________
  • Items 9 : _______________________________
  • Items 10 : ______________________________
  • Less 10 per cent discount and 2 per cent for prompt cash delivered free to your packers.

    You will observe that the above prices are well within your limits, and, we offer you this line of goods because we know them to be absolutely the best value in the market. These goods would be made in our new German finish, and we can guarantee them to be unthinkable. They preserve the softness and elasticity of the wool to the end, and thereby afford great comfort to the wearer. They are also thoroughly healthy economical, as they permit the free passage of the perspiration which is so necessary to health, and at the same time can be easily cleansed by washing and rinsing without causing the matting up of the fabric.

    We are confident that in view of the above advantages, combined with the moderate prices, you will find them most desirable goods, and that your friend will consider them infinitely superior to any foreign make now being offered.

    You do not mention anything about the colors you desire, but we presume you would prefer the usual natural shade. When ordering please state the shade. We have a large stock in all the usual colors, but point this out in case there is a preference for a particular shape on the part of your customer.

    We await your esteemed orders, which will receive our most careful attention.

    Yours very truly


  • I Hate the Word Customer / A Keen Mind

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