Sample Requesting letter to a friend to render some help in Studies

Dear friend (name),

I am quite well and wish you to be the same. Last time when I met you I put before you certain difficulties I am facing in the prosecution of studies. It is my good luck that you have got employment. My failure at the B. A. Examination twice earned the displeasure of my father. He stopped sending me money under the impression that all expenditure on my education was going waste. My father only is not to blame. The entire blame should stick to me for I wasted away the precious time in going to pictures and squandering my time and money in the company of bad friends who led me astray.

A burnt child dreads the fire. I have tasted the consequences of my negligence. But good sense has ultimately prevailed upon me. I have abjured the company of those fair-weather friends and have made up my mind to devote myself to studies with all earnestness and dedication. This sincere application to my work has already started yielding dividends. You will-tie glad to know that I secured the highest marks in the my class in the 1st terminal examination. My professors are now very pleased with me and their early notions about me have completely evaporated.

But only this won’t do. I need your active help and guidance. I am terribly short of money and would request you to provide me with some financial help. Also I need your help in preparing for the examination. Last time I read notes prepared by you and they helped me to get good marks. I would request you to continue to help me in this manner also.


Hope you won’t mind the trouble I am giving. I shall do all I can to repay you for your help though this promise may sound somewhat awkward in the context of relations among friends.

Hoping to hear from you soon. With best regards to you.

Yours sincerely,


Reply to above (requesting letter)

Dear Friend (name),


Your letter of is in hand. It is surprising that you have written your letter in an imploratory tone. You have every claim on me to do the utmost I can do for you. Didn’t you help me with finance when I was a student and my financial position was proving an obstacle in the prosecution of my studies ? You may take for granted any financial help me you are in need of.

I am really happy to hear that the notes prepared by me for you helped you to fetch good marks. You may depend upon me for further supply of notes. But I would venture an opinion here don’t depend entirely on notes. Do some original reading as well. It will help you secure better marks.

When do your 2nd terminal examinations commence ? I hope you would fare better than before. Please intimate me with the result. I appreciate your firm determination to achieve notable success in the future exami­nations.


When are you coming to Allahabad ? Do spare sometime now to be with me so that we may both visit the Kumbh Fair going on here and have a holy dip in the Triveni.

With best love to you,

Yours as ever,


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