Sample sympathy letter to a friend on his failing to get good division

Dear Friend (Your Friend Name),

I am deeply shocked to read in your letter that you have secured 2nd class in M. A. English Literature. All of us expected first class for you, for you had spared no pains to make full preparations for the examination. I was astonished at the number of books you had devoured to face the ordeal of the examination. Our professors never imagined that you would get less than a first class. It is all due to the vagaries of the modern examination system. It is hardly a true test of knowledge. We have to make much allowance for chance.

But, dear friend, having lost first class should not become a cause for your despondency, for success in life does not depend entirely on a good division. It depends on a number of things. The qualities of initiative, dedication to work and perseverance coupled with fair amount of resourcefulness are enough to ensure you bright success in life. You will do well to try your luck in the competitive examinations wherein you are bound to make a mark. If selected for higher services your division of M. A. will not be mattering much for you.

So please take heart, pick up courage and look future boldly in the face. Rest assured every thing will be Okay


With deep love to you from us all.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name


Student Failure by Jules Troyer |

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