Suppose you have a friend who is a book-worm. How to write a letter to him persuading him to take part in games?

Your Place


My Dear Friend,

Please take my friendly salute. I’m well here. I hope that you are well at home.


Yesterday, I got a letter from your friend. He has written that you have buried yourself in books; you have turned a book-worm; you are not taking part in games and sports.

Dear Friend, I think it is not a healthy sing with you. Of course, there is no harm in study. But reading books all the hours a day is bad and worse is to neglect the games altogether. I do not mean that you will while away your time in games. Games have their limit too. I do not mean that you will neglect your study. What I mean is that you should neither be a book-worm nor a play-addict. You should do justice both to study and games, for your all-round development and for a healthy mind in a healthy body.

I hope you will appreciate my view.


Your Loving Friend

Your Name.

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