Thank you letter expressing gratitude for a Christmas gift

Thank you letter expressing gratitude for a Christmas gift.

Every now and then we have to felicitate our friends or we have to express a sense of gratitude to them. Whenever we receive a gift or any other gesture of goodwill, thankfulness is expressed by us. That is a matter of courtesy. These courteous expressions constitute the hum etiquette. Expressions of gratitude are made in different ways. These must be quick and spontaneous, sincere and expressive of your feelings of goodwill. You should make a mention of the occasion that necessitates such expressions of gratitude.

My dear Tony,

Christmas brought cheers to us all as such occasions necessitate spontaneous expressions of joy. I received a large number of gifts from friends but a watch that you have sent, is really a commendably gift from your side. Only yesterday I mentioned to mother that Joseph’s gift was the most precious o0ne for me, as it has satisfied a long-standing need of mine.


So often toys are presented, but you sent a watch possibly anticipating my wish. I expressing many thank for this gesture of real friendship o0n your part. I wish you a happy new year.

Yours sincerely,

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