Two sample letters from Landlord to the Tenant for Increasing Rent

This is article contains two sample letters from landlord to the tenant for increasing rent.

Landlord Tenant Law

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Sample Letter One


Mr.…………………(Tenant Name)

Sub : Rent hike

Dear Sir

As desired by you, I have got all the repairs done in the residential portion occupied by you, so as per the verbal agreement reached between us, you are requested to pay the rent, i.e., Rs. 3,500/- per month from 1st January onwards.

I hope, you will find this in order as this slight increase in rent is as per mutual agreement.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Your Name

Sample Letter Two


Mr.…………………(Tenant Name)

Sub – Rent hike

Dear Sir

As you are aware that Municipal Authorities have recently made a big hike in the rate of house tax, so I am constrained to ask you for a proportionate raise in the rent of the house occupied by you.

I am not asking you any unreasonable hike, just a proportionate increase is being demanded.

Hope, you will agree to my demand and will pay the increased rent i.e., Rs. 2,550/- from the next month onwards. With best wishes,

Yours faithfully

Your Name


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