What is Circular Letters?

Circular letter is also a kind of a letter that is issued for a number of people. It is a kind of notice that is sent as a letter aimed at a large number of people.


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When any information/instructions/guidelines are to be sent to all its branches by the Head Office, circulars are usually issued by the Head Office to its branches or by higher officer to its junior officers for compliance.

Official Circulars

Instructions/guidelines issued by head of the department to a large number of subordinate employees are usually circulated through official circulars. Official circulars are issued generally from Head Office to its branches. Official circulars are usually issued as following:

  1. From Head Office to its branches,
  2. From a Central Ministry to State Ministries, or offices/ departments working under the Ministry,
  3. From Chief Election Commission to all the State Commissions, and
  4. Like the other circulars.

Business Circulars

Business circulars are issued by a business entity to its clients, dealers, sub-dealers, branches, etc. Following types of information are usually sent through business circulars:

  • Information about change of address of the registered office of a company to its share holders,
  • Information about special discount on Deepawali festival to the dealers and sub-dealers,
  • Information about removal from service of an employee from an institution to all its offices, dealers and sub-dealers,
  • Information about a policy of incentive for achieving sales targets etc. to dealers and sub-dealers, and
  • Any other information relating to business.

Miscellaneous Circulars

Circulars issued by a society/organization to its members etc. come under this category.

Personal Circulars

Circulars issued by a person to his circle regarding change of his telephone numbers or residential address etc. are personal circulars.

Structure of a Circular

1. Address of the issuing agency:

Usually in all kinds of circulars, the address, phone no., etc. of the issuing office/ agency/department is printed at the top.


2. Reference:

Reference is usually written at the left side. It is different for each circular.

3. Date:

Date is written at the left side.


4. Subject:

Subject on which the circular is being issued, is written, in simple letters.

5. For:

After subject, ‘For’ is written, that indicates, for whom, the circular is being issued/meant. For example:

If the circular is issued by the Head Office of a bank for all the Zonal/Regional offices, then ‘For’ must be invariably explained as follows:

For: All Zonal/Regional Offices

If the circular is meant for all its branches, then it should be mentioned as following:

For: All branches

6. Salutation:

Generally, no salutation; like—Dear Sir, Dear Sirs etc. is used in circulars.

When the circular is meant to the authorities, the use of salutation can be done.

In Business circulars, usually salutations; like – Dear Dealers, Dear Customers, Dear Valued Customers, etc. are used.

7. Body:

The body of the circular contains whatever is wished to be conveyed by the circular issuing authority. The language used should be straight, unambiguous, formal and simple that conveys the instructions / guidelines in clear terms.

8. Signature:

At the bottom, the circular issuing authority puts his signature. The designation of the issuing authority is also written below the signature. The use of subscription; yours faithfully, or yours sincerely is avoided in circulars.

Official Circular Letters

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